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2017 The Brightec Group will be better and better2017/04/19

2017 The Brightec Group will be better and better

2017,new year and new beginning.

After working hard in a week,we are finally turn to the team activity in this week.The theme of this activity is climbing to the top of the Baiyun Mountain,as an old saying goes:Looking out over the top of Mountain,people will see the true charm in this city.

Along the way of this climbing,many games has been planned by the organization group. The first game is walking on the cobblestone one by one,you will be get the score according to your time to the named place of destination.The second game is doing the same action according to the task cards,which group’s actions are similar with the card of action,they will get a great score.The last game that will be more excited and interested:tearing the brand sticking on the clothes.The more scores you get,you are the winner and will get the ticket of the Baiyun cableway.

In the end,The entire company’s staff are climbing to the the top of Baiyun mountain---Mount Davis.there will be a famous poet to describe this moment:Only when you stand on the top on the mountain,then you can see others are small.In this wish The Brightec Group will be better and better.