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Company News

A barbecue party is held by Guangzhou Weide Watch Co.,Ltd.2017/04/19

An outdoor party has been held on 25th Mar.2017.We will not forget to entertainment after work seriously.The mainly content of this activity is barbecue.The weather is cool but everybody are full of enthusiasm as well.The organizer with their team member prepare many meat and vegetables for us to cook and roast.Then all staff will be allocated to five group,every group has the gridiron to barbecue the meat and vegetables,Chinese chives are more popular in our team because its tasty and refreshing.Each performs their own function,sometime we will play a joke in the middle of our team staff.We are spent this weekend with happy mood.

Thank you for the the welfare of the company provided to us.Guangzhou Weide Watch Co.,Ltd. has 9 years history,”Let the time better and better”is the mission of our company.A company focus on the sports watch unique design,will be attracted more and more men with the spirit of sports.The company does not let employees down,naturally it will not let our client be disappointed.