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About the notice of watch battery2017/05/25

Watch battery is the energy of quartz digital watches,it is equal to the clockwork spring in mechanical watches.watch battery change chemical energy into electronic energy in order to keep watches working.
There has some request about the watch battery.
Quartz watches are shape with small volume with high accurate assembly.In order to keep precise time,it must be has reliable and steady energy.
1,people should not change the watch battery frequently.
2,The electric tension will be influenced the watch’s battery,so it should be steady.
3,It has to be keep a good temperate during -10~60’C,because too much high or low temperature will be decrease the function of watch battery.
4,About the watches battery package,It should be sealed package.if the battery do not have good environment package,then the electrolyte will be outflow,all quartz watch factory assembly will be destroy by this phenomenon and it is bad for entire watch.
We should greatly pay more attention to keep good quality and good environment to save this battery,in order to keep watches much be better.