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About the original of watch-12017/10/13

The most primitive timing tool - sundial. In ancient Egypt,there is the existence of sundials, and other cultural ancient countries, including China, Greece and Rome are the use of sundials of historical data.As far as archaeological records are known, the oldest sundial is the obelisk of ancient Egyptian astronomy (3,500 BC) and the shadow of Babylonian astronomy (1, 500 BC).

As early as ancient times in China, a pole with a standard height of eight feet was erected vertically on the level of the ground. During the day, the changes in the pole projection were observed from morning to night, and it could be used to measure the time of day. The Eastern Han Xu Shen "Shuowen Jiezi" said: "sundial, is the same as sun." Here "day" is the meaning of "shadow".there are some history of watches,will write in next chapter.

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