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About the original of watch-22017/10/13

Since AD 1276, In Chinese Yuan Dynasty Guo Shoujing made large light leakage. It is the use of hydraulic drive machine, through the gear system and a very complex cam structure, driven by puppets for "moment bell, two drums, three Zheng, four cymbals" automatic timekeeping. From the beginning of the twelfth, twelve hours before the beginning of the twenty-four hours of the system, the moment that today's fifteen minutes, the accuracy of the table clock better than the German clock early three hundred years.

The popularity of watches should be postponed to the beginning of the twentieth century. In 1904, the French businessman, Louis Francois Cartier, who had jewelry, received a complaint from the pilots friend Alberto Santos Dumont: it was very difficult to take his pocket watch out of his pocket when driving the plane. Solving this problem so that you can see the time in flight. So Cartier came up with a belt and buckle, the pocket watch tied to the hand of the method to solve the friend's problem. And this tied in the hands of pocket watch, is the current watch.

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