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About the waterproof technology of watch2017/06/05

About waterproof of watch,there are some watch assembly has adopt the seal measurement such as the face of watch handle,watch glass,watch backcase and so on,in order to prevent the watch stream and water into the inner of watch.this is the water resistant to the professional watch word.such this watch are called water resistant watch.
If people do not take care their watch and let the water or other harmful gas into the inner of watch.that is possible to let the watch’s destruction.
About the waterproof,the crack of each part of watch case need to be seal very tight in silicone oil.
There are some normal waterproof watch supplier;the back cover over the screw.withhole type case and the basis of the case.watch case with screw are the most popular in nation and the waterproof also great.
Many waterproof watches’ caseback will be had the signal of “WATER RESISTANT”.