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Awards and summary2015/05/07

With the end of the May Day holiday, the enterprise started a new journey! General Manager of Guangzhou Brightec Technology Co., Ltd. Bella encourage employees that a good start is half the battle. Brightec Group President Mr. Tanglingjun recommended that enterprises held once a month “ monthly award ceremony and Startup Assembly” at the beginning of each month, to unite the people, clear each work, eliminate employee lazy and other syndromes, make every worker feet back, with full enthusiasm to quickly into the daily work, and create a new chapter in self life.

Awards and summary

Hero recognition

A promising team, a skilled team, a progressive heart, let them have good genes. A team spirit is a force, an admit defeat motivation is upward mobility. Every time you advance always full of positive energy, your every appearance reveals the infinite vitality. You with a simple style and the pace of fortitude, out of the belong to your rhythm and characteristics, you with your excellent genes, soaring in the vast sky. Weide thanks to have you!

——AliExpress team

Awards and summary

Unlimited Potential Award

You know, without accumulate every short step, that can not reach a thousand miles away, without accumulate small flow, that can not form a river; You are convinced that as long as a bit of progress every day, perseverance, can slowly brew a harvest results. Your persistence, race to the top; You challenge yourself, hard up! Weide thanks to have you!

——JD Tmall team

Awards and summary

Leap Progress Award

A person in the ordinary post seriously to do only one thing,  it is not difficult, rare is that you face all kinds of customers every day, but always with serious and sincere attitude to treat every customer, which is extraordinary in the ordinary. Excellent can learn, success need shape from self; make the ordinary become excellent, so that good more outstanding. WEIDE was the love of family, thank you!


Awards and summary

WEIDE learning tyrants Award

Learning is a process indefinitely, you always have a full desire to learn, think learning is a pleasure, but one joy. You always obtain the excellent results at each month, because you are convinced, learning can change your thinking, improve your quality, learning is not only competitive, but also a vitality. WEIDE thanks to have you, dear tyrants learning!

——Gao Liqing

Awards and summary