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Can I wear my watch when sleeping?2017/11/08

Not recommended to wear a watch to sleep, because neither on the human body, or on the watch is not a good practice.

On the human body: sleep was supposed to let the body relax, but wearing a watch to sleep easy compression of blood vessels and nerves, will affect the body health; if the mens watches factory is luminous table, some pointer table and luminous dial with luminous material, which is a mixture of radium and zinc sulfide, radium emits rays can excited ZnS crystal light, the body will be eight to nine hours of radium radiation, have certain harm to human body.

To watch: sleep, human dander and quilt fiber dust is easy to stick in the case, and he could slip into watch inside, thus affecting the movement; In addition, the watch is easy to hit the bedstead, bedside cabinets and walls and other hard objects, light scratches case, heavy broken parts.