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Christmas customs of all countries, how much do you know?2015/12/24

In the annual Christmas again, how much do you know about Christmas? Now weide take you understanding of national Christmas customs and interesting.

Christmas' weide gift


1. France, Color at Mills in central France, a few days before and after Christmas each year will drop snow, snowy, refreshing. In the eyes of the westerners, White Christmas is an auspicious. In France, the manger is the most distinctive symbol of Christmas, according to legend, Jesus was born in a manger next. After people sing Christmas songs praising Jesus, must drinking, champagne and brandy are traditional French Christmas wine.

Christmas' weide gift

2.Finland, in December around Christmas, all over the mountains and plains is in full bloom violets, nestled in the land of the white, purple Christmas make people relaxed and happy.

3.Like the British and German Christmas drink beer, eat roast goose, they prefer to use the Christmas holiday travel.

4.Americans focus on the family Christmas arrangement, placement Christmas tree, filled with gifts in socks, eat a Christmas meal with turkey, hold family party.

5.Switzerland in the 4 weeks before Christmas, the 4 giant candles will be lit, placed in a ring decorated by the branches, 1 points per week, when after 4 lit, Christmas has arrived.

6.The Danish people are not acceptable to the Christmas gift, can go to the store to exchange prices similar to other goods.

Christmas' weide gift

7.Australia is one of the countries in the southern hemisphere. By the end of December, when the countries of Western Europe to celebrate Christmas in the cold wind whistling, Australia is the unbearable heat of midsummer. Therefore, in Australia Christmas, everywhere you can see the sweat oozes shirtless boy and girl wearing a miniskirt, and well-decorated shop window with winter snow, covered with Christmas trees and Santa Claus in red snow jacket, constitute the unique Australian holiday Prospect.

Christmas' weide gift

8.In Poland each year on December 25th, 26th, every family to decorate Christmas trees, the streets are selling decorations on the Christmas tree. Congratulations to each other in the festival between relatives and friends, exchanging gifts, be friendly. The evening dinner table cloth to put some grass below, to show the birth of Jesus. Dinner is very rich, but you can't eat meat. After 12 o'clock at night, the whole family went to church. During the Christmas season, generally not guest in someone else's home, but owner hospitality exceptions.

Christmas' weide gift

9.According to the Bulgarian calendar, Christmas is haunted by the soul, demon evil rampant day. Therefore, people must rely on fire to drive evil demon town. On Christmas Eve, every family lit the fire, has been burning through the night, shall not be extinguished, otherwise it will provoke unexpected calamity. Take the Christmas tree ignition by men entered the house and read it aloud and said:.?“Christmas came, cattle, sheep, pigs, horses covered with rings,?Barley?a full ridge, everyone good luck”?in the house waiting for the others together voice replied:?“Amen!”

Finally, weide wish you and your family Merry Christmas.