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Customers from Holand2017/05/23

In May 10th, our Holland customers came to visit us. It's a long story again. Because of Guangzhou's traffic is very congested, our customer fails to come to our office at the appointed time, so we decided to drive to them, but also because of the traffic problems, we spent nearly 2 hours to reach the customer's place, we were helpless, but was very glad to find customers finally, they also have the patience to wait for us. The client is a very young, handsome, 20s man,  as well as his London friend.
Before we met, we learned in the Alibaba that he wanted to make their own custom watch wholesale, would pick up some of the same accessories from our WEIDE watch. So according to the customer’s needs, we asked our engineers to make the quotation, so that we can have a smoothly and efficient conversation when we met. After we backed to our office, we showed some other finished models to our customers for quality checking, they are very strict on the watch quality requirements, after details talking, they understand the difference between the various watch materials, we modified the quotation, we chatted a lot from 19:30 to 21:00, from watches to the packaging, finally we confirmed the order,  they are satisfied with our services.
Here attached the pictures we took together. Since it was already evening, it was not clear.
And the customer was in a hurry, so we rushed to the station together. And on the way to the station, we only ate McDonald's in a hurry. It was really a rush! But we were all enjoyed.