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History of the LED Watch2017/10/13

Digital monitors have been available since electronic watches containing small computers have emerged. The digital display simply displays the time as a number, such as 12:08, instead of pointing to the short pointer 12 and the long hand 8/60 around the dial. The digital display table is the latest time expression for 500 years.

The first digital watch, the 1970 Pulsar LED prototype, was developed by Hamilton Watch Company and Electro-Data. Hamilton's Pulsar head John Bergey said he was inspired by the contemporary futuristic digital clocks to produce digital timepieces, and Hamilton himself made for the 1968 science fiction film 2001: space roaming. April 4, 1972

Pulsar was finally prepared, made of 18 carat gold, priced at $ 2,100. It has a red light emitting diode (LED) display.

Most of the watches with LED display need to press the button to see the display time for a few seconds, this is because the LED power is too large, can not continue to run. Watches and LED display is popular for a few years, but soon the LED display is replaced by a liquid crystal display (LCD), the liquid crystal display (LCD) uses less battery power, the use of more convenient, the display is always visible, no push button before time.

Digital watches are very expensive, until 1975, "Texas Instruments" began in the plastic shell in the production of large LED watches before the average consumer can arrive. These first watches with a retail price of only $ 20 fell to $ 10 in 1976.

Now more and more LED watches have a brilliant new design icon. Fresh and innovative time reading system is regularly developed into the city cool watch. Personal expression of cultural phenomena and the concept of the new era. For more fresh LED watches, you can find it at www.weidewatch.com

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