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How can we do when the watch band is too long2017/05/22

The most important of a watch adjustment is the height adjustment button,if you have an easy rotation to the handle then the handle can be adjusted.
About the watch chain disassembly process.The first thing we need to do is placing the watches for sale wholesale into the middle of unloading trough,and aligning nails linked between watch buckle.the watch band should be aim at the nail,then it will be more convenient for next step.
The second step is to rotate the handgrip and turning to the outside,slowly move the handgrip after aiming at the link between watch bands.then cramping out and nail will be out the top.The way of installation is push back the nails in the opposite direction.
Lastly, slowly rotating the handgrip,when cramping out and the nail was out of the top,then push back the nail in the opposite direction when installation.
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