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How to choose a quality watch factory in China?2017/10/13

The China watch industry has developed more than 50 years, now the technology and the management have made great progress. Now, many watches are made in China icluding brand watches. But for a new watch brand, choosing a suitable supplier could save time and cost, it,s very important for the business.

1. Chose a big facility.The more employees the factory has and the bigger their facility is, the longer they have been in the business of manufacturing -- giving them experience in their respective fields.

Avoid a small factory. More often than not, these factories have only been around for a short period of time and they lack the quality controls of a more established factory.

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2. If a watch factory only manufactures metal watches especially the stainless steel watches, the consciousness of quality usually stay in high level.

3. If one factory has its own stainless steel case workshop, this factory usually pay attention to the technology, the quality will be more easily be controled.

The working year of main staff decide the experience and technology.

4. The factory have a great production capacity. Production capacity is key to your long-term success. You may be starting off small, but if you are serious about bringing your products to market, you need to ensure that once you close that big sale, you are able to produce the order and deliver on time. The last thing you want to do is under deliver with a new customer or have to scramble to find a new manufacturer to produce a large order.

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