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How to select the men watch2017/05/02

Actually select one watch not only show one person’s taste and personality,but it is a grade of foil.How can we choose the right one watches for sale wholesale you really like?
At first,The function is important.One watch can used to be timekeeping or compass in different situation.
Secondly,the band material is more important for the watch’s looking.The gold stainless steel will be shown the rich but less elegant,the IP silver or IP black will be shown the sport spirit,most of WEIDE watch band material are used the stainless steel band with IP silver or IP black.Many man with sport spirit like our watches.
Thirdly,The model shape is more important.The multifunctional of the watch dial is important.
Weide watch are famous for its special dial with LED display or LCD display and other very cool decoration.
Finally,The traditional watch material is the main current in the watches industry.Although many people are like the plastic watches,but it is the short term trends.Throughout the watch market with the named of a barometer of the auction market, the traditional materials of the clock is still firmly in the country.