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Only time will stand the test of time2015/09/08

In the era of abundance material all things after over the "best age", whether good or bad, the new or old, have to face the fate of being abandoned. Only time will stand the test of time.

Fortunately, regard to time, there are something every day to follow and watched its action, it was a product of the development of human society--clock. But in this, has the high manufacturing technology of the watch is not much, weide is one of them, engaged in watch manufacturing process nine years of weide men's watch, fully explain the meaning and value of the watch, in the research and development work of strive to perfect every time, the making leisurely advantageous excellent weide watch series.


weide watch WH3309 is one of the excellent watchmaking show works, from its coloring and appearance point of view, will raise an emotion you want to touch it; Golden appearance emitting a bright metallic luster, like the pyramids of Egypt gives a sense of dignity. Gold watchcase and gold surface match steel band of gold watch chain, 3 small black watch dials for decoration, it exudes a strong classical flavor, contains the gentleman's charm, must be able to bring this wist watch men must have been very gentlemanly. Double by the insurance folding clasp, that not easy to loosen the strap, beautiful and fit the wrist. High abrasion resistant glass, stainless steel shock-proof material and high temperature resistance waterproof function for it to provide protection and SR626SW batteries to extend its life,  so make watch effort to realize the value of time, and more able to endure the test of time.


Imagine yourself with Weide watch WH3309 to feel the slow passage of time, feeling this watch gives us the value of time, you will fall in love with it.