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Simple, restrained, mature male style2015/03/23

Time, like a beautiful melody,  intoxicating and quietly fade away. Watch as the best tool to record the time, because of the wonderful time, became so intriguing. A delicate wrist timepieces also as the taste and status symbol for men, mature and steady men needn't too advertised in design, simple and restrained is the best interpretation of men temperament. Today weide will give you several simple design, functional watches, for cultured gentlemen to choose.

Simple, restrained, mature male style

WH1009 series of watches, with its sturdy tough appearance, rotatable flange on the edge of the dial is designed to inward dips, giving dial a certain depth, make people looks more profound visual sense, plus the spiral pattern of the disk, still more to add a rich sense of dimension. Dial and bezel instruction design to lively and generous, time scale of 3, 6, 9 and 12 application rules of square font, reveal more mature temperament.  Case with a new unique design, unidirectional rotating bezel, push-in Crown and four buttons respectively that Date display pusher, Time setting pusher, Alarm setting pusher and Switch button. A can be extended stainless steel chain with a double safety clasp, and classic spiral patterns on the surface, the overall full of resolute line visual sense. 30 meters water resistant, make people do things more convenient, also allows a man more informal to do things. LED display function, the red indicator light, making it easier to identify.

Simple, restrained, mature male style

WG93012 concise lines go from the cumbersome, bring pure feelings, promoted a person capable of temperament. Visual round, shallow shell mix thin bezel, has a minimalist aesthetic and pure elegance. With its clean lines constructed series highlights watch the vitality curve, pure, and precision, exudes superior taste everywhere. Carefully polished crown and polishing round edge is extremely rich contemporary sense. Concise line only has a pointer, stand out in mixed colors world with minimalist style. Using Original Swiss Ronda 762E Quartz Movement make the watch battery service life more sustainable, and use 100% Genuine leather strap gives the comfortable wearing feeling for person.

Simple, restrained, mature male style

WH3312 the design involved a total of three colors, white, black and blue. White symbolizes purity and holiness. White is the new color of snow, or a representative from the God light, which makes the white is a color of the out of the ordinary. Black also means clean homemade, cool, in the specific field fit to wear black that you want to appear, with an image of authority at the same time, also represents mature. The blue color represents the romantic, at any moment for love surprises. WH3312 uses the exquisite workmanship, to men's wear more comfortable, have feeling. Watch Case material is made of zinc alloy, strap length 20.5 cm, width 2.2 cm watchband, watch case of moderate width 4.31 cm in diameter, easy to match any clothing, complement each other. This watch has a stainless steel bracelet, stainless steel forging panel polishing surface texture and delicate, showing a bright metal luster. Between polishing and satin band link with different surface treatments, a beautiful appearance and elegant, like a glittering precious metal bracelet, demonstrate high-grade and elegant atmosphere.

Watch as timing tool, they can be said to be a man of “decorations”, above watches shape is designed to be simple, restrained style is the best choice for many gentlemen, but also the most perfect to show the elegance of men temperament.