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Solar Power Sport Watch2017/10/13

A light energy watch, also known as a solar power watch, can work as long as it is exposed to light and can hold it for some time without light.

The solar power watch is absolutely the focus of attention, and it must can attract people's interest. No matter when and where, it can become the topic that people talk about.

The solar power watchuse the inexhaustible light as an energy source, converts light energy into electrical energy, stores it in a rechargeable battery, and then releases it to the core at a constant rate. The energy changing structure of the light meter not only eliminates the annoyance and inconvenience of the people replacing the battery, but also reduces the pollution of the waste battery. Light table in an energy (any source) irradiation after the battery is full, in a completely dark environment can run continuously for more than 180 days, the light is everywhere in our daily life, so there is no need to worry about power watch.

The solar power watch can avoid the trouble of replacing batteries regularly. It is more environmental friendly and the average life span is over 10 years. Therefore, it is the first choice for young people. The solar power sport watch is also more and more fashionable, fully functional, practical and beautiful, of course, is the favorite of the working family.