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Some ways to maintenance the man wrist watches2017/05/03

Do you know about the the man wrist watch maintenance?There has 3 ways that can keep in good repair to your watches.
1,Pls do not put the watches stay nearby the camphor ball.
If you are not going to wear your watches for some moment.it is a great possibility to put your own watch in the clothes pocket and the clothes are stayed in your closet,where has the camphor ball in it.The camphor ball has the characteristic of volatileness and that will make the lubricating oil in watches out of action.
2.Pls do not wear the watch in the high-intensity magnetic field.
The article with the magnetic including the phone,computer,recording and so on.The watches will be effected if it was magnetized by this things.that will be appeared inaccurate.
3.The restricted area about adjusting the watches
Pls do not adjust the watches during 9.00pm-3.00am.The structure of the watch crown are in the gap of watch crown.If you adjust the calendar in the fast speed,The calendar ring will be stuck in a very big possibility,and then detroy the assembly of the watch.Therefore,pls do not adjust the time during 9.00pm-3.00am.