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Superb attainments2015/09/08

First saw the men's watch when there is a kind of attracted by its sophisticated appearance, just like Casino wheel holds a different appeal, let a person can't resist, will be fascinated by it exudes a unique feeling. It is bright and clean surface as well as the flexibility of the watch body touch, the dial and the border of the classical design, let a person fondle admiringly. Its exquisite flawless decoration and intricate attainments, leaving endless fascinating, from the binocular vision gaze at it the moment cannot be removed, it is so amazing, so wonderful.


It is weide men's watch WH3303 series, combination of slender watch body, unique design, attractive arc, charming and comfortable wearing effect and large operation ability. With the original Japanese Miyota 2115 quartz running ability, the surface with high wear-resisting glass build, without worried hands are destroyed and erosion, Use luxury polyurethane rubber material made of strap so that you feel it's soft and comfortable after wearing, watch crown and case with environmental IPS bronze electroplating, each decorated structure detail were carefully carving and making,  stainless steel earthquake material and 30 meters life waterproof function and temperature resistant function to provide protection for watches and extend the life of the watch. 12 months of factory quality integrity guarantees, the lowest limit of error and calendar features, all seems to be a perfect combination.


 Not only the internal configuration powerful, and it's black and white classic shape more in line with men's style, watch hands embedded in red more prominent display of time, it is the highlight of the watch. The entire disk as if a huge battle, two burly gladiators in the endless battle, each scale have left their imprint contact knives. Whole watch body are perfect interpretation of the man's charm. Such a good watch, how can you not love at first sight.