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Surface and the inside2016/02/15

Faced with the vast universe, all you see is a black background, plus the starry, is very beautiful. But when you see this everything in sight, you really understand true contents of it? The stars look so tiny, you would think some little stars larger than the Moon is even larger than the Earth? Once you understand these things, watch the stars again, you will be full of praise for the wonders of the universe, then you will no longer be limited to the evaluation of certain appearance.

weide sport men watches

Now many people choose watches are only focused on the appearance, but the people who really notice a watch of the internal structure and craftsmanship less and less, but the less and less people who really notice a watch of the internal structure and craftsmanship. Of course, you would say a watch how to choose what to buy, not is to see the look of it? Look at nice would buy, of course it is not wrong. Now I will give you recommend a very beautiful appearance watch, which is weide mechanical watch WH3301B-4C, first thing that catches the eye four nails in general shape within watch dial, to watch added some metallic, then you will find a small blue disk, the middle dial; part is also the essence of a watch, and walking time wherever you are able to see clearly.

weide sport men watches

But we are not content with the status, after the introduced above, you will find a blue disk outside wrapped in a layer of black, followed by the far right is the white continue to occupy the other half of the site, color mix and match, more let this watch has a fashion style, and the inside of the building by hand is extremely intentions, this is WH3301B-4C.