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The advantages of Butterfly Watch Buckle2017/11/08

What is “Butterfly buckle”? It is a special lock that used on stainless steel watch band or leather watch strap. "Butterfly buckle" are usually made of 316L stainless steel, there are single and double open form, as well as with a buckle clasp. It should be said that the structure of “butterfly buckle” is complex.

In order to extend the life of the leather strap, the best way is to replace wrist watch factory clasp / buckle to "butterfly buckle". Because “Butterfly watch buckle” has below advantages:

1. Avoid bending the watch strap maximally

2. Comfortable wearing. Butterfly buckle can connect two pieces leather straps together into a ring. So wearing and picking off are very convenient.

3. It is more safety for the watch with security clasp.

4. Because of the long component of butterfly buckle, the buckle has a better support and control for watch when wearing. The watch will not turn around. It is especially useful for big diameter and thickness watch.


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