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The classification of Watch pointers2017/11/03

Mentioning watch pointers, I think all of us will thinking of the shape of the pointer immediately. In addition to the shape of the pointer, the number of indicators and the form of arrangement will have an impact on the classification.


We divide the watch pointers into regular-pin, big three-pin and small three-pin. The following are simple examples of these three types of watch:


1. Regular-pin watch

Vulgarly Regular-pin watch refers to the watch with separated hour hand, minute hand and second hand. This kind of watch was originally born in the 18th century. It is specifically used for watches for sale wholesale to adjust the time of other watches. Because three pins occupy each of their sub-dial, it can avoid the visual error that caused by the overlap of coaxial pins.


2. Big three-pin watch

The big three-pin watch is the most common one in our daily life. Its hour pin, minute pin and second pin are all in the same dial and sharing a center dot. The big three-pin watch we called, usually refers to those watch models which only have the basis time indicator function, or with the date display.


3. Small three-pin watch

Small three-pin is watch that has independent second hand, but the hour and and minute hand are sharing the same dial. The second hand has its own sub-dial. This kind of watches look more retro.