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The knowledge about watch components 2017/05/23

Based on Part 1, let me keep going on the learning of the knowledge of watch components. :)
Watch dial:
The dial or face of the watch is what the time displayed on. There are many kinds of types of dial markers - Applied, ND / labeling, Embossed / punched, Printed, Faux or genuine crystals, Applied luminous index, 24 hours marking, etc.
A subsidiary dial, is a small dial placed inside the main dial on a watch face. Watches can have as many as four of them. Sub-dials give information not provided by the oem men watches supplier. They are common features of multifunction watches such as chronograph, alarm, dial time zone and calendar.
The crown is located on the outside of watch case and used for winding the main spring. It is also used for setting the hands to the right time and for correcting the calendar indications. Usually positioned on the case middle.
For waterproofing purposes, simple gaskets are used in water resistant watches, while diging watches adopt screwing systems instead of “snapping” back into position. Screw-down crowns are screwed down sealing out unwanted items such as dust and water.
Plating is the coating on the base metal case. Plating on a watch can be 2 tone. For example, 2 tone acid gold / PNP.
Most of our watches use IP Black or IP silver plating with a nice appearance.