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The knowledge of watch component 2017/05/22

As we know that watch is assemble by many different small watch parts or components. Each component has its own function and usage. Today I’d like to introduce some watch parts to you, in that case we can realize watches more.
Watch case:
The case is the body that houses the watch movement. It’s usually made up of three parts: middle, bezel, and back. Cases come in a variety of shapes and sizes.
Case back:
On our analog watches, we use either polished case backs with etched markings or unpolished with stamped markings. Watch cases are designed in many different ways. Cheaper and vintage luxury watches supplier usually have a “snap back”. This offers the movement little to no protection from outside contaminants. A “screw back” is a back with finely cut threads. It is screwed into the watch case. It usually has a gasket ring that help to seal out dust, dirt and water.
The crystal or lens is the transparent glass or plastic cover protecting the dial or “face” of the watch, hands, and digital display. It protects the dial and movement from dust and moisture. Watch crystals are available in plastic, mineral, sapphire and various synthetic materials.
Lugs are the projection on either side of the case to which the strap or bracelet is attached by pins / spring bars to the case.
Indicator, usually made of a thin, light piece of metal, normally made of brass, which moves over a graduated dial or scale. Watches usually have three hands showing the hours, minutes and seconds.
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