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The world is so big, I want to see2016/01/25

One's life is associated with time, what kind of things they do what your age, as you grew up, understand things more and more, more and more rational, intelligent. But I guess you haven't been to many places. If a person's life have not been out of their own mountains, then he will stay there forever! If a person is controlled by time, let time dominate, then his life is a failure, so we have to grasp the time to do the master of time.

The world is so big, I want to see

A watch, it features a lot in fact, what is the role it can play in fact it depends on yourself. Because if you just use it as a decoration then it is just a decoration, but if you regard it as an important auxiliary goods, it is your best helper, always remind you. And now weide launched WH3301-1C series watches, it has the appearance of the pure black acme, internal dial divided into two blocks, mainly use black and white as color tone, overall with white outer ring contains extreme black, fully reflects the design concept of this watch accommodates everything. By four nails fixed bezel with watch ear, like optimus prime hold up the whole sky for dial, unique design but without losing the Visual aesthetic. Each small circle in the dial looks messy, but in reality patchwork, three small circles respectively in the time scale of 6, 9 and 12 position, with the time scale of 3 position date display window, just make a standard dial time scale. The mystery of the dial, such as the big dipper is full of gorgeous feeling.

The world is so big, I want to see

Weide watch not only own elegant appearance, and function is complete, has the alarm clock, stopwatch, waterproof, and other functions. And our manual is very exquisite, from the overall cut to match all Seiko selection. Great workmanship and best match embody the heart of watchmaking, WH3301-1C give you the feeling of a highly respected.