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User Experience of Weide watch2015/04/20

The first user experience

At first I was hesitant to choose which watch, I think that I want a watch which more simple, clear, and then it is better to deserve to have a calendar. At that time, the company has just two styles of ladies watch is I have a crush on, in the end I chose the WG93009. I chose this watch was because I went with a friend to pick the watch, we all think this watch is more suitable for me.Usually in the dress I was more partial OL style, so wear this watch, I'll appear more intellectual, and fit with dressing of my usual style.Perhaps this watch for me more importance is that it enhances my concept of time, and now whether to work, or a meeting, I was on time. Especially when the cell phone without electricity, the watch is a big help. I like it very much, it went very accurate, went out on a date with my friend, and rarely late. Now I'm going to buy one for my friend.

Weide watch

Second user experience

I've always wanted to wear a watch, but had not. Later, almost no one to wear watch, and then this desire will only be buried in the heart. Until month ago, saw the watch promotional activities on a platform AliExpress, a watch attracted me, in the heart of the desire came back, and more intense, struggling for a long time, but finally decision to buy. I actually have not been any research to watch, the impression that Omega, Casio, King and so on, only these brands watches are suitable for fashion trend, but I cannot afford it. Then I went to AliExpress platform, finally see WEIDE watch on the shop, it looks very nice, especially the model of WG93008, this watch inlaid with eight Austrian rhinestones, fashionable enough, and the movement uses the imported Swiss Movement, the watch case is adopted 316 stainless steel, the mirror is the sapphire, These make me deeply in love with this watch, and the price I think I can accept. I think the watch of WEIDE WG93008, no matter it's accessories, or appearance, the style was no less than other brands.

Weide watch

The third user experience

Graduation day, my friend mysteriously handed me a beautiful box, I opened the box, surprised to find that a very nice watch. He told me that “walking point”, in fact I don't know what that means, check the Internet took a moment to know “walking point” is the meaning of luck, since I know that send watch have another meaning is “good luck”. 

I saw the watch the first impression that so beautiful. The first thing that I noticed is the strap, brown leather belt, in this watch before I took all steel watches, the first time to feel the belt watch could be so nice. WEIDE logo printed on gold clasp, brown belt, golden rims and golden crown, white thread dial, the dial 6, 9, 12 Marks with Roman numerals, position 3 has a date display window, other digital decorate with gold ring and diamonds, feeling fine and noble, it is elegant to wear. Later, the Internet search a bit to know that it is Weide watch WG93009, this watch has brought almost half a year, it brought me a lot of convenience, I like it very much. Weide watch really nice.

Weide watchWeide watch