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WEIDE Lucky Wrist Watch2015/11/02

Black is a mysterious color, and a conceited color, but also a fascinating color. When black with a combination of wrist watch, it will seem to produce a vortex, let people who see watch fall into it deeply, no only watches their own charm, combined with black elements, more make wrist watch sends out a black high cold temperament. After wearing it also will be more let a person fondle admiringly, will be show out wearer their own calm. Black as the main color weide WH5201 series watches will bring you a new shock.


WEIDE Lucky Wrist Watch

WH5201 with lucky as the theme. Choose the most trend this year lucky color, take you onto the road of lucky!!!!! Black as the main color, there are 5 colors of red, yellow, blue and white Orange, each with its different style and different meanings shouldering different missions. 1.Red-----Enthusiasm and shock; 2.Yellow----Hope and vitality; 3.Blue----Serene and vast; 4.White---Sacred and elegance; 5.Orange----Abundance and Happiness


WEIDE Lucky Wrist Watch

Mechanical products for men have been a sincere love and curiosity, love driving must be because like the kind of manipulation on the car, and can sit in the driver's seat to control the direction and speed; Like surfing must be because like to manipulate the sea to bring rapid stimulation of pleasure.WH5201 use surfing as design concept, the dial is designed to be a vast ocean, all white circle designed for the racing track, With fan run seconds design acts as a racing sails, digital 3, 6, 9, 12, and pointers constitute a compass, as if to guide surfers, so surfers enjoy the pursuit of speed in the vastness of the ocean at the same time not lose direction. Such design just give visual impact pleasure to men, take this watch will add more the domineering for men.

WEIDE Lucky Wrist Watch

Weide watches let you never get lost in time. Choose by the way, you are the lucky star on this year !!!!!!!!!!!