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End is another beginning2015/12/16

People need to experience many hones in life, from study courageously to work hard to start a family to provide for the aged, we need to go through several major turning point in life, before they could really grow. Some people think that the completion of their studies, they thought it was their end, but unexpectedly crossed the academic as well as career and marriage, every turn, is an end point but a starting point.

 End is another beginning

And relative to watch, when the needle around the dial up a circle will end one day, but also the beginning of a new day, therefore carried out the time mission cycle by cycle, recording our lives day by day, recording the memories of our day. Everyone wants to have a dedicated watch to record their own dedicated memory, in fact, weide watch WH3302 will be a good choice. This is a very good-looking watch, with golden as the main colors of this watch, golden dial with white pointers, so that the whole watch looks elegant and fashionable. Two decorative small disc are distributed shaped as an hourglass, change the calendar display window 15 minutes display used in the past, calendar display window to change its old habit of placing at 15 minutes, innovative and unique, and without losing its practical value.

 End is another beginning

And WH3302 has a characteristic is its straps, strap completely inconsistent with his dial color, is not noble gold, but deep black, full of mysterious black. View real effect is perfect, genuine leather strap with extreme noble gold dial, this watch is the most suitable fashion men, make their full more of charm.