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Weide's Double 11 E-commerce Festival2014/11/11

I believe everyone on the annual "double 11 e-commerce Festival" sales promotion is not strange, previous taobao, Tmall led to stimulate large-scale promotional activities in the injected new blood into this year. This year began to put a from domestic to international! It is understood, Alibaba AliExpress will carry out the history of the largest double 11 e-commerce activities in November 2014 with taobao Tmall e-commerce platform. This promotion strategy is to AliExpress platform the new attempt.
That's right, Watches company Weide have to do a discount activity in AliExpress , taobao and Tmail.  what you waiting for? GO GO, hurry up now!
Weide's AliExpress shop also engage in activities, the history of the lowest prices, The event discounts is more than 70%. How could you miss it?
Our's company has introduced new technologies, new products, Effective every technological breakthrough will lead to expand market space, At present, the company has become a distinct advantage domestic professional watches manufacturer and watches .Company in line with the courage to competition, enterprising, beyond the self, to create the first-class enterprise spirit, adhering to the "honest management, pioneering and innovative" business purposes, always stick to the new and old customers to provide more and more high quality watch products.
Therefore,weide's brand has become a watches enthusiasts trusted partners.
WEIDE's products absorbed masters of creative new ideas, and extends the design idea, thus together in life taste. Unique design, excellent production technology, the high quality material, make WEIDE's products to win the allegiance of life taste person.
We are professional, original, innovation and enterprising. So in nine years time, we has been design of the popular style with people's supporty and lovely.