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Weide watch always a right for you2015/09/08

Weide Universe series UV1503-6C watch highlights imposing manner as like the vastness of the universe, breaking the traditional. Watch case made of high quality steel, fine polishing wiredrawing processing present a metallic luster, watch diameter 49.5 mm, worn on the wrist is not bulky and will perfectly fit your wrist.


Through the watch mirror, you can clearly see the spiral textured decoration on dial, line type time scale simple but atmospheric, slender pointer on the dial depicts track of time. Watch with silicone band and Buckle, delicate texture closer to the wrist, while the face of summer sweat too easy care. Buckle the advantage of convenient opening and closing, showing elegant luster in the gestures, reflecting the perfect combination of simple and classic.


As the name suggests, weide universe series watches is designed for astronomy enthusiasts, highlights the aesthetic conception of urban men, fashion but do not break classic generous, thus attracted the attention of many watch lovers. The serial number of the watch is UV1503-6C, watch with stainless steel to create 49.5 mm case, Black metallic with White Dial, three different time zones, more reveal a solemn atmosphere, the white pointer to make time to read to be clear at a glance. Sign in the middle of the universe, the brand's watchmaking spirit everywhere. Black silicone band and Buckle, become the best match between men's wrist.


To buy a watch, a lot of friends are very cautious, before buying watch you will consult a lot of friends, the clerk, always shop around, then assured to buy. In fact, you go weide official website to choose the watch you like better than listen to others suggest. There is always a right for you.