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About some tips to keep your watches good.2017/07/25

There has many tips to keep good for one person’s watch.When people wearing watch,the sweat on hand will be bad for watch case.when your hand emerge sweat,then pls use fabric sop up the sweat on your hand.

When watches did not work or other cause let you want to open the caseback.pls do NOT do that in order to prevent the dust into movement and will influent the working of movement.

When you put the mothball into your closet,pls do NOT let your watch into the closet because the gas from mothball will be went bad for watch oil.

In 2000s,many people will use radio to listen music,the radio will be had strong magnetic and pls do not let your watches closer the radio or anything with strong magnetic.because the inner of watches will be discharged by the thing with magnetic.