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An amazing hot selling LCD watch WH52052017/11/21

Recently,A watch are loved by most young people,not only in WEIDE official website,but the platform like Wish,Aliexpress,Amazon and so on.The supply is not adequate to the demand.if you think yourself still young,you deserve it.
The model of Weide Watch WH5205,which concentrated the styles of business ,luxury,sports,and military.It was produced by a professional sports watches for sale wholesale,with two kinds of band including stainless steel band and PU Leather Strap with special shape.
As you can see,WH5205 is a digital LCD watches.Do you know about the function about LCD watches?Let us tell you.Most of LCD watches has 6 functions including LCD display,3 ATM water resistant,back light,alarm ,stop watch and calendar.For more,3 ATM water resistant are suitable for the the life waterproof,hand washing,face washing,be caught in the rain and so on.
You know,a digital watches has its method to set the clock,there has many watch knowledge about watches in WEIDE facebook’s web.:https://www.facebook.com/officalweidewatch/?pnref=story
WEIDE Watch is a best watch for sports watch wholesale manufacturer.if you are interested in WEIDE Watch,do not hesitate to browse WEIDE official website to choose watches you like:http://www.weidewatch.com/.