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Mid-Autumn Festival celebration2014/09/08

2014-09-08 Xiaowei WEIDE love table

Mid-Autumn Festival is a traditional festival in our country, on this day, Guangzhou Weide watches company everywhere permeated with a festive atmosphere. To set off the festive atmosphere, the better to promote teamwork and cohesion of employees, the company is organizing a “For The Holidays, People And Moon Round Together,” the mid-autumn festival party.

Opening dance - four minutes
In the September 6, 2014, after several hours of intense rehearsal arrangements, six and a half later, the party officially announced at the beginning of the three presenters. The general manager of Watch company Mr. Tang, first speech for the party, Mr. Tang mentioned about that Weide watch business is a dream business, and our employees as partner's with me hand in hand to ahead of the dream, the development of enterprises, including your efforts and dedication, and here I have to thank you companionship, Weide grateful for your companionship.
Today's party is yours, is to let employees have confidence and ability to fully display their talent, and enjoy life to bring us happiness, our employees not only work excellently, but also sing and dance, versatile, morality and intelligence physical development. Only your progress, enterprises have brilliant, only your unity there is business growth. Tonight, let us bring you to enjoy our happiness. In the Mid-Autumn Festival approaching, on behalf of Weide watch company warmly congratulated to all the staff happy Mid-Autumn Festival, all the best, good health.
Throughout the evening not only beautiful melodious song,  dance graceful and beautiful, it is refreshing, the most exciting part of the game and lucky draw, throwing Hydrangea intense tension, the passionate of support the front let audience atmosphere to HIGH up. Whether superiors Mr. Tang “tears of your eyes,” Bella, Rita and XX of the “hardcore” or Xiao Qiang “no romance is crime”, “New Drunken Beauty” ...... these performances are brought out the festive, defendants out of the Weide family warmth.
Finally, by the weather girls “infinite charm” as the Weide Watch enterprise mid autumn evening party to pull down the curtain, don't worry, activity has not ended, the final exciting, finally tense moments was belonged hit the golden eggs, and ten full mysterious atmosphere of the golden egg aroused the curiosity of all those present, two Weide steel tables, there are “limited edition six apple” etc! These huge prizes last who gets it? This will happen alone personal character and luck!
Although we can not get together with our family, but the Weide gave us a bigger home, so that we can feel the warmth of home here, family care, believe this Mid Autumn Festival does not regret.
Autumn wind sends bright, tonight the moon is more round, stepping solid pace, we ushered in a Weide Mid Autumn Festival; lantern blooming, horizon altogether this time, follow the times of drums, let us play happy movement!
Unforgettable tonight, regardless of the horizon and the Cape,unforgettable tonight, regardless of the new friend and the old friend,let us wish Weide watch enterprise with sun and the moon together,and glory with the universe.