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I am Brightec “special forces”2015/03/18

Brightec Group consistently implement the spirit of building learning company and developing learning excellent staff, establish the banner of “Training is the company's long-term investment, the biggest potential for development, the biggest benefit for employees”, make positive contribution to promote the company's products to a higher target development and let time becoming better. Recently, Brightec Group held an Overnight visit massive training, which full of love and wisdom.


Innovative forms for training, not just blindly adopt the form of “above speak, listen below”, which Dull, boring, does not appeal to students, resulting in students lack of concentration, and the end to affect the training effect, but inheriting the power of the weide spirit-together to share, total growth! The most dynamic soul hearts spark in the world are thinking spark out of collide with each other, students all communicate with each other and understand the true meaning from every game.


There is no perfect person, the only perfect team. Personal abilities are limited, only involved in the team, the force are infinite. To form a good team, first the team must unite, because we are family. The most impressive always engrossing day of striving towards the same goal, even if it's humbling, but be proud. Because generally a great achievement is accumulated from many humble goals; secondly learning how to learn with each other, learning tolerance and understanding. More changes for each other among team members, even if we can not understand it, but we can Inclusive, only we do that partners potential will be inspired, then will discover that everyone can do better. In fact, a little of everyone's progress were team leap, on the contrary, if we casually, might be result to the team's demise.


Life needs passion, attitude decide everything. Everyone should have a proactive attitude, everything you should try your best to do. Everyone has to face too many people and things, maybe your passion is absent, perhaps your attitude is negative, but we should standing in each other's point of view to think about problems, more consideration for others. Must understand ourselves responsibility, courage to take on, initiative into it and go all out.


Life needs love, we should have love in our heart and must learn to cherish and be grateful. People who only know how to be grateful, then know how to return and aggressive, with grateful hearts to think of others suffering. We Thanksgiving family, because there are the blood of love; thanksgiving friends, because they are our window to the soul; we are grateful community, because she gave us the living resources; we thanksgiving Brightec Group, because it provides us platform to growth and success. We perceive his culture and prospect future on here, it let us stand higher and see farther, go further in front.


Brightec Group still has a long way to go, we don't want to describe too much difficulty and pain, because we have faith and tireless persistence. Because again and again of the training will be more promote the integration of family. Weide is a brand, but also a kind of prayer, pray everyone has a better time. After ten years, 20 years, 30 years or a longer period, we look back and will be thankful that growing up on the road has ourselves, will be thankful that we met together and a common struggle.