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Summer album UV15012015/06/19

Summer album, WEIDE special launching a brand new watch the series of aspect of the universe multiple time zones (UV1501). This watch is designed for eager to explore the endless universe, which were built for people who like to travel, both sports and elegant style.

Summer album UV1501

WEIDE Across the Universe series issued a sincere invitation with a new attitude, open a charming wonderful journey. This aspect of the universe watches uphold WEIDE brand since its launch in 2007 of the technology and sports logo features: strong performance, smooth lines. Bezel design inspired by WEIDE for the good time of definition and pursuit, watch back engraved the famous WEIDE 3D logo and the logo symbol of the universe, melting virtuosity and dynamic style in one.

Summer album UV1501

The classic round dial supplemented with colorful decorations multiple layers of visual perception, any condition can be identified to ensure the best illegible effect. Dual time zone dial design using the pointer display, improved on the traditional design, so that our side is always filled with the breath of fashion trends.