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Black and white is always a classic2015/06/19

“Black and white is always a classic! “This sentence has been standing in the fashion world, these two simple colors seem to have been well received by the men's favorite. Weide new wrist watch brand new universe series UV1501-1C, although these two colors are extreme, but more than other colors can give a person strong visual effect, so it can attract more attention.

Black and white is always a classic

Weide new UV1501-1C watch with a heavy Chinese style, black and white corresponding as like China of gossip array, makes surface level sense more of strongly, two colors it is a kind of speechless inlay together, highlighting the characteristics of this universe series wrist watch. Dual time zones, the true Universe Planet of the Universe series, complementary Ruler and Satellite are attracted to each other. Plus weide with a little red logo on a simple and strong black white dial, but also adds some color and reveals a strong fashionable breath.

Black and white is always a classic

Black concentric dial calendar window is located at the 3 o'clock position,  forming a unique calendar display function. In addition, the black dial with white Arabic numerals appear to be exceptionally strong and noticeable. UV1501-1C simple style coupled with strong, really is the first choice for men.