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Do you realize watch crown2017/07/25

Watch crown is usually located on the outside of the watch at three o'clock position. It is used to set the time or adjust the date. Mechanical watches also use the crown to winding the movement. Watch crown is generally a button with some slots.

Pocket watch’s popular era is the brilliant period of watch crown, the original crown is only used for winding at 12 o'clock position. After the watch appeared, in order to avoid the conflict of watch band/ strap, the position of watch crown changes.

According to the use method, watch crown is divided into two categories: ordinary crown / push-in crown and screw-in crown. Ordinary crown is pulled out directly to adjust the time. The fist gear is used for set the date or calendar, the second gear is used for adjust the time. The screw-in crown spiral to lock. After turn the crown counterclockwise, the crown unlock and can be used normally.

Screw-in watch crown is vintage and classic, designers usually carved unique logo or patten on the crowns, in order to reflect the value of the watch.

If according to the shape of watch crown, there are more categories. The most common one is probably the onion head crown. Others includes fruit type, octagonal, gear type, flat top cone and so on.

Part of watch crowns also has a bridge. the original intention of the bridge is to protect the crown. There are some watches will inlaid gems on the crown gem to highlight the watch temperament.


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