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Double display quartz electronic watch2017/12/05

Combine the analog display and digital time display on one watch dial, that is double display quartz electronic watch.
Double display quartz electronic watches not only quartz watch supplier have pointers to indicate the time, which adapt people’s traditional habits, but also have multi-functional features of LED/LCD display.
It contains two kinds of movements. One is quartz movement, another is digital movement.
This kind of watch always have several buttons and crown to adjust different function and time.
Functions as below:
Stopwatch, back light, LCD/LED display, 12/24 hours, daily life waterproof, alarm, date, week, multiple time zone and so on.
I think you’re curious about what the watch is now.
We are the professional quartz and digital watches supplier and focus on this kind of analog digital watches. Most of our double display quartz electronic watches are with sport style and hot sell in the watch market.
Below is the real appearance of this kinds of watches:
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