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How do I get moisture out of my watch?2017/12/01

It is very common to see below situation that is your watch come into water or fog but you don’t know the reason.You even want to claim to the seller,god,the watch should be waterproof,but why still get wet or have fog inside.In fact,any watch can’t resistant the fog,because it exit in the air and will come into the watch easily.So pls don’t go to the environment which is wet.But if watch already get,how should we do?
First you will need to decide whether the risk of possibly damaging the watch is worth attempting a do-it-yourself fix. If the watch is expensive, you may want to have a professional repair it rather than risk damaging the watch or invalidating the manufacturer's warranty.
Step 2
Lay the watch in a dry place in sunlight and see if the water evaporates on its own. Put a piece of soft, absorbent cloth such as a towel under the watch. If the water inside the watch face is only a fine film of condensation that clears on its own after a short time, you probably do not need to do anything else.
Step 3
Seal the watch in a plastic bag filled with unopened packets of silica gel desiccant. These are the packets that come in shoe boxes and other packaged items. You can also use dry rice instead of the silica gel packets. Leave the bag somewhere warm and dry for a few days. The silica gel packets or rice can help draw out the water from inside the watch.
Step 4
Direct a fan at the watch or use a hair dryer on the lowest heat setting to blow air on the watch. Alternatively, if you can safely leave the watch on top of a low heat source such as a floor vent or radiator, this can help evaporate the water from inside the watch.
Step 5
Take off the back of the watch, as if you were changing the battery. Use care not to scratch or damage any of the mechanisms such as the coil or stem. Let the watch dry thoroughly in the open air until there is no trace of moisture. Reassemble the watch once it is dry and press the seal firmly back into place. If the seal does not fit tightly, you may need to replace it.