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meeting customers in the Weide Watch Co.,Ltd2017/04/19

meeting customers in the Weide Watch Co.,Ltd

Today is Feb.27th,2017.Three Chinese Indonesia people come from afar.after coming back to China,they are going to visit our company at first.---Guangzhou Weide Watch Co.,Ltd.

Before the arrival of this clients,we are prepare to show all our watches models on the office desk for client’s reference.

When one of the clients Mr.Huang see our watch,then he said such this watches has its own style and it is really creative.they really like the watches and buy about 2000 pieces watches without any hesitate.In this conversation with these customers,we are very depressed with the polite and modest from them.

After choosing the watches on the desk,it is time for lunch.We are talk about the Chinese culture with these clients after the meal.Many changes has been changed in this 10 years.And it is the first time they come back to China after the settlement in Indonesia.But they still can speak Chinese fluently,which is astonished by me.


We are very thankful those who come all the way to visit our company.Only we get your support and understanding.can we be better and better.