(1) Avoiding strong attack:

Though with shockproof function, Watches still should avoid sudden impact. So when you do exercise, it is best to take the watch off

Watch belongs to metal products. Although it has the anti-magnetic device, when it stays near magnetic objects, its time showing would be incorrect. So it is better to avoid putting it near radio, TV and other electrical products.

(2) Avoid solvent:

Mercury, makeup spray, detergents, glue or paint, atlas, strap will cause recoloring, spoiled or damaged to the watch.

(3) Far from camphor material:

Camphor has the function of decomposing oils, which will result in broken down and function failure of the watch.

(4) Don’t open the bottom cover frequently:

This is to avoid entrance of water and dust floating in the air and cause of watch failure function.

(5) Stay away from water and steam:

Though watches have waterproof device, waterproof parts may still be loose over time, which will cause the parts moisture. Further the rust parts will result in failure working. So when you are hand washing or bathing, you need to take off the watch.

(6) Watches collection mode:

In order to avoid entrance of the tiny chip cloth, dust, or perfume, cosmetics volatile oil into the watch and condensate watch parts corrosion oxidation, don’t put your watch in pockets and bags. When you don’t wear it for a long time, it should be placed in a cool, dry box.

(7) Take off the watch before you go to sleep:

Fiber and cotton sheets will cause inside and outside temperature change, which can easily damage the watch.

(8) Avoid rapid temperature changes:

As the watch is composed of a variety of different materials, rapid temperature change will affect different parts of the watch’s waterproof performance.

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  • John

    Dear Sir / Madam,

    I have two Weide watches.
    A WH-5203 and a WH-5205.
    I replaced batteries (CR2025) of both watches.
    Although the lid with the insulation sticker is mounted in the right place, both do not dod it/work.
    When I press the buttons for Mode, Start and Reset, I hear a beep.
    But when I press the Light button, nothing is lit and the watch does not run either (the second hand does not move).
    Is there anything I can do to start the watch?
    For example: pressing the buttons in a specific order or together.
    Thank you for your valued opinion for which I thank you in advance.

    Best regards.

  • Sankar Chakraborty

    My WEIDE watches WH 1104 mod. The analogue function was stopped suddenly, but the digital function is correct, even I cannot adjust the analogue watch, I don’t know what is the process to start the analogue function.
    I bought the watch 3months before.

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