How Long Does A Digital Watch Battery Last?

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  • Date:2021/07/20

How lengthy does a digital wrist watch battery last? A battery in a digital wrist watch will remaining on common four to 6 years, however can be as low as two years and as excessive as 10 years, relying in particular on the mannequin of Digital Watch, and the quantity the lower back mild and alarm is used.

You’ll discover that many digital watches will promote a precise battery life, and whilst that’s a on hand conventional information to work with, there are honestly pretty a few elements worried in how lengthy your watch battery will remaining which are past the manipulate of the manufacturers.

Factors effecting Battery Life of a Digital Watch

Let’s go into a bit extra element about the a variety of elements that impact your watch battery life.

Model / Design of the Digital Watch

As eluded to in the above section, now not all Digital Watches provide the identical battery life. The complexity of the circuitry and the kind of facets on provide can have an impact on battery life.

For example, if a Digital Watch has a superbly sturdy lower back light, then as beneficial as that is, it will nearly truely use up extra battery strength than a weaker again light.

Another instance would be a watch that has complicated circuitry to facilitate a greater function prosperous Digital Watch. The extra circuitry can probably use greater battery energy than a less difficult design, and from time to time require extra than 1 battery to energy it.

Back Light and Alarm usage

The lower back mild and the alarm are two of the largest electricity draining points you’ll locate on the majority of Digital Watches. As such, it makes experience that the greater you use these features, the shorter the watches battery existence will be. The impact can be pretty dramatic. If you’re a heavy lower back mild and alarm user, you should doubtlessly decrease the battery lifestyles of your watch with the aid of a rely of years.

Battery age

When a battery is sitting on the shelf (or sitting in a company new watch earlier than being bought), it will slowly however absolutely lose power. Granted, it’s no longer a speedy process. It takes up to 10 years for the watch battery to lose all it’s power. However, if you inadvertently purchase a 5 12 months historical battery, it’s needless to say going to die a lot quicker than a 1 yr historical battery would. Batteries come with “Best Before” dates, so hold an eye on them.

Watch age

A manufacturer new watch has sparkling new components and sparkling new circuits, all performing at height efficiency, however as your watch a long time the components and circuits progressively degrade and have a tendency to drain extra energy from the battery. In older Digital Watches you can regularly see a reduce in battery lifestyles of somewhere structure 25% to 40%.

Water harm and corrosion

Water injury is by no means right for a watch. Water in the watch and subsequent corrosion will most without a doubt effect battery life, no longer to point out the right functioning of your watch in general. A speedy tip if you get water harm in your watch is to put the watch in a closed container full of salt of raw rice overnight. The salt or raw rice absorbs the moisture out of the watch very efficiently.  




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