Knowledge For The Water Resistance of Waterproof Watch

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  • Date:2022/02/09

What Is Water Resistance ?

Water resistance is expressed in depth (ATM or meters), which means it has been laboratory tested and can only withstand short periods of static pressure at the specified depth. The actual water pressure of the watch during use is higher than the static pressure. When diving in the pool, the pressure on the watch is greater at the point of impact with the water.


waterproof watch

A waterproof sports watch can withstand rain, sweat, and even water. However, its water resistance does not last forever. This property will degrade with time and exposure to different elements. The most common test is the 5 ATM, which means that it is suitable for swimming pools and jacuzzis. Generally, a 5 ATM waterproof watch is perfect for everyday use and is still waterproof to a certain extent. Its water resistance rating is indicated by its stamp on the back.


The most common water resistance rating for a waterproof watch is 3 ATM. It is safe to shower in it, but you should not submerge it under water. If you do, your watch may be damaged by sudden changes in temperature or external pressure. It can also be damaged by moving water. It is therefore important to wear a waterproof watch when swimming. For the best results, choose one with a five-Amp rating. While this is not a requirement for an ordinary waterproof watch, it will serve most of your needs when it comes to the level of water resistance.


Active submersion can be risky for watches. When exposed to sudden changes in external pressure and temperature, water can cause watch parts to expand. If the watch case starts to contract or swell, it is not waterproof. If the digital sports watch waterproof-based is exposed to water while being tested, it can break. It is also a good idea to never dive into water, as this could potentially cause an injury. Moreover, it is best to keep your waterproof watch in a dry location whenever you can.


Some watches are splash resistant. These watches have been tested to 30 meters, but they should not be worn while swimming. A watch with 50m water resistance is advisable for shower use only, as it might damage the watch in the long run. A watch with 100-metre water resistance is ideal for snorkelling, but not for diving. It will protect you from cold water and the heat. If you want to go surfing, you should consider a watch with one hundred-meter water resistance.


Digital sports wrist watch should be worn while swimming or snorkeling. It should not be immersed in water. Although it might look perfectly fine at first, it is not recommended for submerging a 100-meter-water resistant watch. A watch with this water resistance should be worn only when the wearer is swimming. If you are wearing it while surfing, a protective strap can prevent it from breaking in the water. You should not submerge it in the water.


The most common water resistance rating for a watch is 3 ATM. This means that you can submerge your watch in the water and not get it damaged. This is ideal for daily splashes and rainwater. If you are in the pool, you can also use a 3 ATM watch. It is important to know that the amount of water resistant a watch depends on its construction. A waterproof watch must be durable and easy to clean.




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