WEIDE in continuous innovation at the same time will also be brand diversification and informatization. It has determined to promote the original China fashion culture, cutting-edge fashion news, so always it has many and various media such as fashion magazines, BBS and other cooperation.


In 2018, WEIDE “The World Horological Culture Museum” founded.


In 2015, WEIDE industrial park started to builted in Hengyang, HuNan province.


Formally registered in 2012, WEIDE founded the “Guangzhou clock and watch co., LTD.” In 2012, WEIDE and English brand into the e-commerce industry.


On July 23, 2012, WEIDE brand successful registration in Mexico In 2012, WEIDE was formally registered in Hong Kong “ChengShiWei (Hong Kong) development co., LTD.”


In 2011, WEIDE brand in Switzerland, Germany, France, Italy, Britain, the United States to apply for the brand registration. In 2011, with Switzerland several big famous brand manufacturers to cooperate, WEIDE brand products is the biggest supplier of movement.


American market in 2010, the company development, many famous brand watches company designated processing manufacturers. On February 28th, 2010, WEIDE brand in the state administration of trademark registration.


In 2009, the company clock products in Switzerland watch developed several shopping malls supermarkets; product quality and service have good reputation.


In 2008, more than domestic each big city in China and the successful cooperation rolled out the domestic wholesale market sales unit.


In December 2007, WEIDE brand’s official website founded Set up in 2008, the Swiss wholesale and retail, and watch with a number of enterprises to achieve cooperation. Enter the Eastern Europe’s biggest watch market in 2008, to be a partner of many watch companies.


In 2007, apply for registration to WEIDE brand.


On December 22, 2006, was registered to factory “Guangzhou Mr St clock co., Ltd.”


Formally registered in 2005, Weide Registered “Guangzhou the master table factory”.


On November 28th, 2004, the founder of the gateway to a successful application of the state general administration of trademark registration “the saint OHSEN” sport watch brand.


In March 2003, the power company was established in Guangzhou the original founder “the saint” watches.


In February 2003, the founder of Weide founded the company in Shenzhen cooperation “Taixing electronics factory.