Great News, yesterday WEIDE already launched the newest smartwatch, and the function is quite fantastic. The WEIDE CEO of Jack Tang is the spokesperson as the newest smartwatch product.

Stronger waterproof

Waterproof, sweat-proof, anti-corrosion, better sealing, and longer service life through nano-coating + waterproof rubber ring double-layer waterproof protection.


Stronger stable


The chip adopts the imported Nordic core processor, which has lower power consumption and more stable performance data than the domestic brands. Each watch has passed 32 procedure tests.


Stronger lasting


Large 180MAH capacity imported batteries, no need to pay attention to power, bring you a longer experience.


More individuality


Personalized screensavers can change their favorite photos at will, the same model is not the face, only for unique you.

More intimate


24H dynamic heart rate, blood pressure monitoring, and anytime, anywhere, you can pay attention to your health. Long-term recording of a large amount of user health data through mobile APP software can help people or health care workers to understand the specific physical condition.

More convenient


Disassemble the strap switch design with ease, it is more convenient to replace your favorite strap.


More DIY


Variety, multi-color, multi-material strap, easy to match.


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