Hunan ShengShi WEIDE Technology Co., Ltd with a world-class production equipment, capable R & D and production team. Relying on the years of deep cultivating by all colleagues of Hong Kong ShengShi WEIDE Co., Ltd., the company has its own independent brand WEIDE, which has been successfully registered in more than 80 countries and regions with More than 1,000 physical sales experience stores and opening brand flagship stores on major cross-border e-commerce platforms. Through the combination of online and offline, WEIDE products are particularly favored by customers in Europe, America and Southeast Asia.

The museum displays and interprets the culture of watches and clocks, tells about the history of the clock’s originator Su Song inventing the core escapement of the watch, the development history of the Swiss watch brand, the status of the Japanese quartz watch breaking the watch industry, and the rise of the Chinese brand watch. The pavilions are divided into eight parts, including the watchmaker’s Su Song Memorial District, the ancient chronograph exhibition area, the modern watch exhibition area, the international brand and product exhibition area, the domestic brand and product exhibition area, the watch and clock science exhibition area, and the multimedia interactive experience area. DIY experience zone and so on. The park’s hard and soft facilities are designed and built according to the national AAAA scenic spot, and it is expected that the maximum number of visitors will reach 600,000.