Can You Repair A Quartz Watch By Yourself ?

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  • Date:2022/01/11

The ease of repair of the watch is one of the factors that should be taken into account when deciding what type of watch to buy. If you own a quartz watch, here's what you need to know.


Can You Repair A Quartz Watch By Yourself ?

Quartz watches have been around since the late 1960s and can usually be restored to newer watches. Additionally, quartz watch repairs are also generally more affordable. And since this type of watch runs on battery power, you will need to replace it every one to two years. The next question is, is it better to repair the quartz watch or completely replace the parts? It's entirely your choice - whether you choose to repair or replace parts, the cost will be significantly lower than with other types of watches. In most cases, you can also expect the repair process to be faster.


Why Is Your Quartz Watch No Longer Working ?

There are several reasons why your quartz wirst watch may stop working: 

  • Mechanical problems cause the wheels to lock
  • Dirt affects the movement of the watch
  • The coil inside the watch is damaged
  • Corrosion has formed around the battery
  • the battery needs to be replaced


The Process of Repairing The Quartz Watch

Quartz watches that display the wrong time or stop working completely should be repaired. The watch repair process is first evaluated by a qualified technician. It's a matter of determining what the fault is. From there, all damaged parts are removed and analyzed further before replacement or repair. The same is true if the watch needs cosmetic repair. Keep in mind that if a part is not available, the technician will need to order it first, which can prolong the repair process. Once repaired, your quartz watch will be cleaned and reassembled. If you need assistance with servicing or repairing your quartz watch, please contact Weide watch manufacturer on +86-20-26290500 or via email




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