Measures To Protect Waterproof Sports Watch If Water Gets In

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  • Date:2022/01/08
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What to do if the water gets into watch ?

Water resistance is a key feature of many watches today. However, if used improperly, even the best waterproof sports watches can suffer from water damage. The reality is that no watch is completely waterproof, so if you suspect there is water in your watch, knowing what to do is important.


Recognize water damage on the watch

One of the most obvious signs of water damage is condensation inside the enclosure. If you see any type of dew inside the digital sports wrist watch, it means that water has entered inside. Another sign is if the hands on your watch start to malfunction or stop completely - this is usually the result of water interacting with movement. Lights that have stopped glowing are another sign that water damage may be a problem.


Water damage alone is quite worrying, but if you are dealing with seawater, other particles can get inside your watch as well, causing further damage. General misuse is the only other reason water gets into a waterproof watch. Before approaching the watch to water, make sure the crown and buttons are tight.


If you are absolutely certain that there has been no water in the watch for more than 48 hours, drying it out may solve the problem. You can place the watch in a sunny place or under a warm light. Be sure to monitor the watch to make sure that the heat does not damage it. No matter where you decide to dry your watch, make sure the case back is facing down.




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