How To Expand The Lifespan of Luxury Watches ?

  • By:Weide
  • Date:2022/01/07

1. Be Careful With The Sunlight

Luxury sports watches and direct sunlight cannot be combined well. Excessive sunlight will cause the painted parts to deteriorate more quickly. It can also dry out parts that require lubrication to function properly. Put your watch in a cool place and it will keep its good looks and good functioning for many years.

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2. Take The Waterproof Rating Seriously

Many luxury watches for men and women these days are waterproof, but that doesn't mean you have to push them to the limit. Keep in mind that these are standardized resistance classifications and therefore are not exact. Just because the watch is rated 3 ATM or 30m doesn't mean you can dive to a depth of 30m. In fact, this rating indicates that the watch can withstand a few occasional splash. Also, you have to keep in mind that old watches don't always have the same parts as new watches - the protective rubber gasket is the key element in this case.



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3. Avoid magnets

Magnets can interfere with the timing of mechanical and digital watches, so it's best to avoid using them as much as possible, especially when wearing the watch. It's understandable that you can't completely avoid magnets when wearing the watch, but there are some actions you can take, such as not placing the watch on a device that has magnets in it. If your watch is exposed to magnets, you can have a professional demagnetize it.


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4. Be Careful With The Crown

The crown of the watch is directly connected to the internal movement which means that if damaged it will also damage the internal components of the watch. Never put the watch on the crown, if possible, have a professional wind it for you. Basically if you can help you don't want to put unnecessary pressure on the crown. Speaking of the crown, pay attention to regular winding. If you don't wear your watch every week, please wind it at least once a month.




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