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        2017 WEIDE WH6903 Complete Calendar Fashion Athletic watches
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        2017 WEIDE WH6309 Pedometer waterproof watch supplier


In 2007, WEIDE’s founder, is a quite younger man, called Jack Tang. WEIDE is born for a group younger sport & fashion lovers. WEIDE LOGO is consist of Green Shield and WEIDE English alphabet, it represents extraordinary significance. Green Color symbolizes vitality, nature, peace; Shield symbolizes strong perseverance. WEIDE alphabet is consist of three parts. “ WE” on behalf of us, “ I ” is by a red heart, on behalf of enthusiasm, desire and love, “ DE ” on behalf of the modified words. WEIDE LOGO meaning: A group of enthusiastic young people who love sports & fashion with their own unique expression, to the pursuit of freedom and respect for individuality, leading the fashion and always try to new ideas.”...View More>>